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Olive Quarterly is a publication exploring the challenges facing the healthcare industry and how technology, innovation and human ingenuity combine to overcome them.

Hello human, I'm here to help transform healthcare

About this issue:

Time is our most precious resource. Technological advances combined with a renewed mindset around collaboration and coordination have the industry on the precipice of something truly transformational. For healthcare, the time for change and the time to lead is now.

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Time is our scarcest resource, and we need more.

Accelerating and scaling healthcare’s capabilities requires fully connected systems and an industry-wide development platform. See how time hacking healthcare catalyzes this transformation.

Healthcare will always be about humans.

The health and well-being of the human race is healthcare’s first priority. Find out how Olive uses intelligent automation to reveal hidden value and make healthcare more human.

Automation makes human workers more efficient.

Olive automates healthcare’s redundant and burdensome workflows. Read how she empowers healthcare workers to re-focus on uniquely human tasks.

Glance back at Olive's busy spring.

In the spring of 2021, Olive detailed her steps toward creating the Internet of Healthcare. Read how she shines a light on the healthcare’s disparate silos and connects systems with shared intelligence.

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